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The First Photograph Taken By Niepce

The world of photography has completely changed since it initiated over a hundred years long time ago. The first image captured was in1817 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a retired French army officer but it was faded.  Later in 1827, he made his first permanent, coating a pewter plate with bitumen and expose it to a light. This event began the using of film cameras and in the early 1900′s film cameras were made available for general public use.

While in 1975 was the first record attempt of building a digital camera. Steven Sasson, an engineer of Eastman Kodak made this historical attempt. In 1988, the Fuji DS-1P recorded images as a computer file. It was record in a 16-MB internal memory card. Digital cameras were commercially available in 1990. It was called the Dycam Model 1 or Logitech Fotoman. This newly invented digital camera used a CCD image sensor and has the ability to digitally store pictures. This event also started the downloading method of images in a computer.

Film Camera Advantages

  • Ease-of-Use
  • Better Colors
  • Quite
  • Sharper Pictures
  • No need for recharging batteries
  • Viewfinder
  • Costs less


  • No need to buy film and develop
  • Pre-viewing of pictures instantly
  • Deleting pictures instantly
  • Upload pictures quickly
  • Edit pictures instantly. No need to go to a photo lab or photo editors.
  • Higher resolution for higher quality images
  • Ability to print pictures
Overall, a film camera and a digital camera exceptionally do diverse things. Though film cameras have been around for decades but digital cameras are more used as of today. Yet, a digital camera can’t capture or create an 8 x 10″ that is, in a way, hellaciously detailed.  Film cameras remain the best way to take still and moving pictures due to the fact of its incredible ability to capture image details in a stable form.
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