Canon EF S 55 250 mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens

canon ef s 55 250Canon EF S 55 250


The Canon EF S 55 250 lens is a telephoto lens for use with all Canon SLR cameras that have an EF-S lens mount.

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The proximity of the rear lens element to the APS-C image sensor allows for great wide-angle shots from a very small lens.

I have a Canon Digital Rebel XSi. I purchased it several years ago, and it’s by far the best digital camera I’ve ever owned. It came in a kit with a Canon EFS 18-55mm IS lens. That was my first exposure to interchangeable Canon lenses, and I was hooked.

When I wanted something to give me better long distance shots, I looked for telephoto lenses and purchased a Canon EFS 75-300mm lens. That was a good lens too, but it didn’t have the Internal Stabilization (IS) feature. Little did I know what a difference that would make!

The 75-300 took great, crisp pictures if I used a tripod, but my handheld shots (at the full 300 mm) weren’t so sharp. Most of my distance shots are of wildlife, and if I take the time to set up a tripod then I usually miss the shot. I sold that lens and replaced it with a pricier IS version, and was completely satisfied.

So, when I wanted a lens to give me better wide angle shots than the 75-300, but which would still have some telephoto power to it, I went for a Canon EF S 55 250. You can buy this EF S 55 250 lens without the IS feature, but I knew better!

Check out this video review for more info

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Canon EF S 55 250 lens features

  • The EF S 55 250 lens has Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology.
  • The Canon EF S 55 250 lens has Canon’s 4-stop stabilization correction.
  • Captures long distance, low light shots far better than most comparable lenses.
  • Has a Focal length: 55-250mm.
  • You can hand hold shutter speeds as low as 1/15 of a second.
  • Corrects chromatic aberration which results in excelent image quality throughout the zoom range.
  • The lens weighs 13.8 ounces
  • Canon EF S 55 250 lens has a one year warranty.
  • If you want to buy this lens, you can get it for over 30% off on Amazon through this link here.

Again, I’m completely satisfied. The lens has a fast AF and the shots are unbelievably sharp, even at the full 250mm. For most of my birding shots I now stick with the Canon EF S 55 250 and never even break out the 75-300.

Canon EF S 55 250 current owners have to say:

J. Kirlin,

I was determined to love this Canon EF S 55 250 lens based on the price point and specs.  Canon really had to step up with this lens due to Nikon’s version. The images are very sharp and the image stabalization really does a great job. This lens GREATLY enhanced the composition experience at Canon EF S 55 250! This is a great price for an image stabalizing zoom lens. One of the cons of this lens is the fact that it seems sometimes slow to focus in dim light. However the pro’s definately outweigh the cons. Conclusion: A great Canon EF S 55 250 lens for Canon users. (even if Nikon had to force Canon to make it for us.)

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here.

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