Digital Camera Lenses: Knowing the Most Common Types

Understanding ways to use the lens is key if you wish to obtain the best from your digital slr camera and take breathtaking photographs. Combined with aperture and shutter speed the lens is among the key components around the camera.

Because the focal entire camera increases, the topic can look bigger and also the position of view will decrease. Not just that the backdrop from the image manages to lose sharpness therefore the only object in concentrate the frame may be the subject.


In present day market most cameras come fitted having a contact lens. A typical lens is 50mm and can show the topic inside the photograph much like what is visible through the human eye alone. The conventional lens will therefore provide a natural look at the topic and therefore are appropriate for still existence photographs.

Wide Position

The wide position lens includes much more of a topic than could be seen having a standard lens and therefore are very effective when taking landscape photographs as a lot of landscape is taken inside the frame. Additionally they offer an excellent depth of area as both foreground and background can look in focus. Wide position contacts may also be effectively employed for taking photos of limited spaces as a lot of scene is taken without needing to move back.


The telephoto can produce a subject far appear near the coast the frame. The telephoto lens enables you to definitely take photographs of moments where it is not achievable to obtain near to the subject for instance taking photos of wild existence. Because the depth of area can also be reduced using the telephoto lens they may be well suited for portrait photography because the background is going to be out-of-focus supplying no distractions in the subject which is dramatically focused.


Macro Contacts are utilized at close focusing distances to ensure that small subjects can be displayed large within the photograph. The macro lens could make the topic appear existence size but nonetheless possess the zoom functionality permitting you to definitely photograph far subjects. Effective for taking photos of small subjects for example bugs, but may also be used to isolate a specific facet of a bigger subject.

If you are planning to start a career in photography, then this useful guide will surely help you to start off. Most importantly, you must develop passion and love on photography in order to achieve best results.

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