How Zoom Lens and Fixed Lens Varies

Generally, cameras have zoom lens as standard. The other alternative is called fixed lens camera and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main consideration would be the purpose of the person buying it. In other words, where is he going to use the camera?

Briefly defined, a zoom lens shows versatility to photography. Majority in digital cameras have zoom lens which are ideal for long distance shots from the subject. It is made possible due to the “zoom in” and “zoom out” attribute of zoom lens.

Years after, fixed lens digital cameras were introduced in the market. It offers several attributes that cannot be found from an ordinary zoom lens camera. They are described having a higher optical quality and in compacted size.

If you are after the high quality of photos, you should go for fixed lens digital cameras. However, it is understandable that it is quite expensive compare to zoom lens digital cameras. This is due to high quality of materials used such as optics and the reality that fixed lens cameras are tagged as premium models. With fixed lens, the optical quality is not compromised even if you are taking a click which is a bit far from the subject. Whereas, zoom lens cannot give you a clearer optical quality given the same situation simply because of the quality of the optics.

Presently, there are several low cost non-zoom digital cameras in the market which are budget-friendly. They use digital zoom in place of optical zoom. Since the former is cheaper, you cannot expect that it will give you a desirable photo result. It is only good for personal use and not for professional use. It really depends on your purpose how you are going to use the camera.

In summary, there are various advantages in using the fixed lens digital camera over zoom lens digital camera. The very first and obvious reason is the photo quality that shows more depth and gives a statement about the photo. Initially, you would think that they have slight distinctions, but in the end you will realize that these distinctions really make a difference. Given that the zoom lenses alter focal lengths, they tend to even out the intensity of field with various shifts. Conversely, with fixed lens, there are no any moving parts. Thus, there is better performance is expected when it comes to their one focal length.

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