Nikon 14-24 Review

Nikon 14-24Nikon 14-24


The ultra wide zoom lens product from Nikon called Nikon 14-24 was launched with straight lines and stay straight.

It is not a fisheye and it is designed for use of D700, D3 and/or film cameras.

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This Nikon 14-24mm works very great on your D300 however you are paying extra dollars for the use of the centre image.

The Nokia 14-24mm or the Tokina 11-16 are considered smarter lenses for your D300 otherwise any DX camera available.

The product has a set of new standard ultra wide and ultra angle lenses. It was considered one of the best lenses in the world with a larger margin compared to other Nikon lenses. This Nikon 14-24mm is considerably sharper compared to any other zoom or fixed ultra-wide lenses from Nikon or Canon that professionals or even new photographers used.

The Nikon 14-24 does lots of things no other lenses have done before. It is shots and zooms are sharper with wide-open when set at 14mm and the corners are fixed at 14mm sharpness. The sharpness for Nikon 14-24mm is blazingly devoid and sharp of any softness or coma at each aperture whether you are in the FX field or full film. It’s optically marvellous and if you are looking closely, any photo taken appears stunning. The ultra wide lenses made thing possible for Nikon 14-24mm.


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Nikon 14-24 Product Features:

  • The Nikon 14-24 has high-performance, fast aperture, an ultra wide angle zoom for FX- and DX-format optimization with Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat and ED Glass.
  • The lens has fast, ultra wide angle AF-S zoom lens for edge to edge sharpness.
  • It has two extra low dispersion elements as well as control for aspherical lenses for enhanced contrast and sharpness.
  • The Silent Wave Motor of Nikon 14-24mm makes autofocusing with ultra high speed possible with power and accuracy along with super-quiet manoeuvre.
  • Its focus is near 10.8 inches using its 24mm setting.
  • The 14-24mm has enhanced optical formulas created to make exceptional contrast, sharpness, color, plus it renders outstanding image quality.
  • It has fashionable Nano Crystal Coating for further reduction of flare and ghosting for image clarity.
  • The rugged construction of the lens is suitable for professional grade moisture and dust resistance.


Nikon 14-24 Pros and Cons:


  • It has 14-24mm lens ideal for wide angled shots for scenery and landscapes.
  • The Nikon 14-24 have sharpness that considered one of the best in the world.
  • The construction of the Nikon 14-24 is durable with moisture and dust resistance.
  • It has high resolution for lens elements and contrast for better imagery.
  • The Nikon lens has up to 24mm focusing for enhanced sharpness.
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  • The Nikon 14-24 lens is too heavy for professional.


What customers have to say about the Nikon 14-24?

According to Robert Stockton, this lens is far better than his old one. Although it is heavy, the Nikon 14-24 is worth to purchase because of the best features such as dust and moisture resistance. He even rated 5 stars for it.

Based on the experience Eugene Fratkin, this Nikon 14-24mm is considered the great lens made ever. It was built to last and handling is good. The Nikon 14-24 gave him the images worth to keep especially while he is travelling.

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