Nikon Lens 55-300mm Review

Nikon Lens 55-300mmNikon Lens 55-300mm


The Nikon Lens 55-300mm is one of the latest addition to its range of telephoto zoom camera lens for DX users.

This Nikon Lens 55-300mm is designed to operate on VR II image stabilization technology, it offers range of 85-450mm and created as an addition to the 18-55 mm lens kit.

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One available feature Nikon Lens 55-300mm has is called Silent Wave, for focusing quietly.

This release of Nikon Lens 55-300mm has just been announced by Nikon UK. This telephoto zoom lens boasts with focal length range of 55-300 mm which allows photographers to get closer shots of things even from afar.

On one of the statement given by Product Manager Lenses, Accessories & Software, Nikon Europe BV, this Nikon Lens 55-300mm lens is a second lens that is very economical and useful which makes Nikon Lens 55-300mm easy to shoot wide areas near or far. Because Nikon Lens 55-300mm is lightweight and compact, this lens is also great for user of compact DSLR.

The Nikon Lens 55-300mm lens is flexible because of the 5.5x zoom ratio which could telephoto reach even distant areas. The Nikon Lens 55-300mm telephoto is also affordable but gives high quality telephoto photography. This Nikon Lens 55-300mm is an excellent choice for taking pictures when on holidays or sports events.

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Nikon Lens 55-300mm Features and Specifications:

  • In fx/35mm DSLR format, focal space range of 82.5 – 450 mm is equal to the angle view of 5.5 times zoom telephoto lens
  • Nikon Lens 55-300mm has image stabilizer Nikon VR II technology which has 4 shutter speeds for hand held photography
  • The vibrations of Nikon Lens 55-300mm are eliminated when in tripod detection mode
  • Chromatic aberration is reduced by the 2 EDs of Nikon Lens 55-300mm even when set to wide aperture
  • Nikon’s Silent Wave motor for quiet auto focusing
  • The super integrated coating of Nikon Lens 55-300mm increases light transmission efficiency producing excellent color to the images
  • Produces natural appearance of images using the rounded 9-blade diaphragm.


 Nikon Lens 55-300mm Pros and Cons:


  • Nikon Lens 55-300mm has high refractive index zoom lens elements, image stabilization technology. Allows expanded photo and video, photographer get closer to action
  • Nikon Lens 55-300mm reduces vibration which is incorporated on all VR Nikkor Lens, 4 shutter speeds even on hand held shooting, dramatic sharp images
  • Nikon Lens 55-300mm lens are kept compact using the HRI lens element, provides contrast to its maximum even on wide aperture
  • Nikon Lens 55-300mm has quiet focusing using Nikon’s Silent Wave motor
  • 5.5times telephoto lens for images taken from a distance, great for family sports and holidays
  • Reduces vibration when mounted on a tripod using its Tripod Detection Mode
  • Super integrated coating by Nikon for improved light transmission.
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  • Compared to other lenses by Nikon, focus is not that fast.



What customers have to say about Nikon Lens 55-300mm :

As per Emko San, the Nikon Lens 55-300mm is great choice especially for families who wanted to capture great moments whenever they are out for adventure, family holidays or sports events. Though the price is costly, he said it was all worth it because according to his experience after taking 150 photos, he was amazed by the sharp images results. He said this Nikon Lens 55-300mm is a great lens.

According to Jim of New Mexico, USA considered this Nikon Lens 55-300mm lens great and he was amazed by the details even when hand held. The vibration reduction technology using its great features is excellent as well. The colors look natural and accurate and even at maximum aperture, the images are still sharp. Nikon Lens 55-300mm is lightweight and compact which allows him to carry it around.


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