Sigma 150-500mm Review

Sigma 150-500mmSigma 150-500mm


This Sigma 150-500mm ultra telephoto contact lens the covers the telephoto ranges as much as 500mm plus enables photography enthusiasts to create the topic close and short perspective.

Sigma 150-500mm original OS (Optical Stabilizer) function offers using shutter speeds roughly 4 stops reduced.

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Sigma 150-500mm is fantastic for sports, wildlife and landscape photography with handheld shooting.

Three SLD or Special Low Dispersion is glass elements of  Sigma 150-500mm that provide excellent correction for a chromatic aberration.

This lens from Sigma 150-500mm is outfitted having a rear focus systems that lessens fluctuation of the aberration triggered by focusing.

Super multi-layer lens coat of  Sigma 150-500mm reduces flare and also ghosting. High image quality is assured through the entire zoom range. This Sigma 150-500mm lens includes HSM or Hyper Sonic Motor, which guarantees a basic and-speed AF in addition to full-time guide manual focusing capacity. Adding the 1.4x EX DG APO and 2 xs EX DG APO Tele Converter creating a 210-700mm of F7-9 MF ultra telephoto contacts Len or perhaps a 300-1000mm of F10-13 MF ultra telephoto contact lens correspondingly. A detachable tripod socket (TS-31) is incorporated to Sigma 150-500mm like a standard component. Here is a Sigma 150-500mm review to let you understand the product.

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Sigma 150-500mm Product Features:


  • The  Sigma 150-500mm incorporates Sigma’s original OS (Optical Stabilizer) function.
  •  An ultra telephoto contact lens that covers the telephoto ranges as much as 500mm as well as enables short perspective.
  • The  Sigma 150-500mm has three SLD glasses element along with rear focus systems that provide finest image quality through the entire zoom range.
  •  This 150-500mm has super multi-layer coatings that reduce flare and also ghosting.
  •  HSM of Sigma 150-500mm guarantees quiet and-speed autofocus.


Sigma 150-500mm Product Pros and Cons:



  • It has high speed and quite autofocus.
  • The Sigma 150-500mm has ultra focus system for high quality photo imagery while taking pictures.
  • Sigma 150-500mm has nylon zipped box for safe and easy storage.
  • The Sigma 150-500mm is considered one of the greatest lens that provides professional images.
  • The Sigma 150-500mm has a nice hood and case.
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  • The auto focus of Sigma 150-500mm can be broken easily.



What clients have to say of the merchandise?


Based on John M, a lot people are thrilled to possess bought this lens to mount on my small Nikon D80 after getting read lots of reviews around the couple of possibilities such as the Sigma 50-500mm or even the Nikon 135-400 and 80-400. They needed a long possible range below $1,500 inside an identifiable Brand. They simplified my option to the 50-500 or that one. The Optical Stabilizer cheap Sigma had proven itself using the 50-500 were the identifying factors during my decision. To date they shot several 200 pictures of numerous subjects at numerous distances handholding your camera using the OS switched on. Midway through their shots they reverted from a full manual mode to an Aperture control and observed a noticeable difference within the sharpness then the colours which informs them that they have to hone their abilities with this particular lens. To date, they are surprised about the standard of my shots with this particular huge glass. They take my pictures having a -.7 exposure compensation when i like very vivid pictures and until they create a better sense of exactly what the lens can perform I’ll still tried on the extender with Aperture control. The Autofocus is smooth, the general feel is quality and also the pictures are phenomenal for that distance. They anticipate lots of fun with this particular lens, should you go for this you will not be sorry.


K Sheshadri stated that they had been quite intrigued through the paper specifications and also the other reviews that are positive. They made use of the Sigma 150-500mm lens on the Nikon D90 body and used some bird photography at the end of mid-day light. The lens quality looks terrific and contains a really nice hood and situation. A few of the problems they went into were quality related plus some just an artifact of the slow lengthy lens. Auto-Focusing is fairly fast. They acquired lots of gentleness shooting the lens available (f6.3) at 500mm. You need to be careful with focusing because the depth of area is very shallow (it’s not hard to misfocus on something ahead or behind the topic). The sharpness of Sigma 150-500mm was enhanced when they moved the aperture lower to f/8 and more compact.

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